My nail journey so far


I have very thin nails that peel, I can’t even grow my natural nails to the ends of my fingers, this has been a constant throughout my life…I just don’t have the genetics for a long, strong set of talons.

After researching what might help I’ve discovered a salon treatment and a salon product that is helping me fulfil my dream of naturally long nails.  They can be used in conjunction with each other or rotated separately. The results are good so far.

Treatment – The IBX System by Famous Name LCC

This nail treatment is ideal for peelers like me.  The “repair portion of the IBX system binds together splits and peels, while the “strengthen” portion of the treatment protects and reinforces the nail.  The treatment is cured onto the nail and seems to becomes part of it, so even if you apply and remove polish your IBX base remains, although you IBX treatment doesn’t replace your manicure base coat! You won’t have diamond tough nails but you will feel that they are a stronger.  More crucially all the nail layers that might normally separate and peel stay firmly together.   If you nails are in a bad way (or perhaps you’ve had extensions taken off) start off with weekly IBX treatments and then reduce to every 2-4 weeks depending on your needs.

I love IBX for treating and preventing peeling but it’s the next product that’s helping me to grow them long!

Product – Brisa Lite Removable Gel System by CND

I am in love with this!  It’s like a clear shellac but with no buffing of the nail prior to application, which means no nail damage.  The Brisa Lite system is actually designed to be used under shellac to add strength and extend the wear but I’m getting great results using Brisa Lite on its own.   Like shellac it’s cured onto the nails.  It provides a reinforcing shield without too much thickness that will deter picking and biting (yippee)!  I’m also finding that I can paint coats of standard polish over the top and change colours by using a non-acetone nail polish remover, this leaves the Brisa Lite shield untouched underneath until you soak it off with acetone.  Pure acetone does dry the nail so while I love Brisa Lite I limit the number of back to back applications because of the drying affects of the take-off process.

All in all my natural nails are longer and in better condition than I ever remember!


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