Being self-employed can be isolating

Anyone who is self-employed and read the title probably understands exactly what I’m talking about!  I do love being self-employed, although don’t think it’s easier than being employed, it’s different and involves different challenges. On the plus side I’m not micro managed by anyone… but as a professional procrastinator the struggle is real when it comes to self-discipline.   I do miss having colleges though… big time!…and have felt very alone lately.

I used to work in a small office and before that I worked for a large company but on a small team, I miss the banter, the in-jokes and daily companionship.  I miss walking into a room and having a bunch of people saying “hello” to you in the mornings.  Social media just isn’t a substitute for these things, not for me anyway!  In a workplace when things go wrong someone will usually help you out or at least provide a sympathetic ear.  There are the times you are united against a common enemy, be it a manager or a policy change, as well as work socials, Christmas do’s and offshoot activities.  I’ve been very lucky and prior to working for myself I’ve had some great jobs working alongside some truly great people, I feel very privileged in that respect.

My challenge now is that I’m actually pretty introverted. I describe myself as a friendly introvert who doesn’t naturally seek company. A workplace forces you to be part of a collective, so self-employment has got me stuck in a little isolation rut. I have considered joining a business club but want to take up something that doesn’t involve too much thinking, and networking for me involves thinking… and when you’re self-employed you do enough thinking!!  I want to consume and enjoy and switch off, and meet and connect with some lovely non-colleague colleagues. I’ll keep you updated!


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