Being an age gapper

There is a significant age difference between my boyfriend and I.  Age gap relationships seem to be a thing in our family…I like to think perhaps we just all go with the flow!  There is a nineteen year difference between my mum and dad who have been together for more than forty years now.  There is the same age difference between my partner and I with me being the older partner.  About 95% of the time the age gap isn’t even on the radar.  He has and old head on his shoulders, I’m child-free and remaining that way and people usually guess my age as younger than it really is, which I put down to great genetics because it’s certainly not my skincare routine! We have lots of common ground, including our outlooks in life and a shared vision, which I think is key for a successful long term relationship.  However every now and again I have a few days  where it bothers me (even though it never bothers him) or rather I worry about what others think even though I know I shouldn’t.   I’m aware of how judgmental people can really be and I don’t like being on the receiving end of that.  I know full well you can’t cut yourself into a million pieces trying to please everyone, life is too short and too precious to not live it to the full.

I think the trigger at the moment is upcoming Christmas parties and Ryan introducing me to friends and colleagues.  The age gap is not something we can hide, I am obviously older!  In the time we’ve been together there has only been one “oh” reaction that sticks out in my mind, the shock was all over the other persons face  although they did try to stifle it.  The thing is Ryan and I didn’t meet on a dating site, we didn’t meet on a date, I wasn’t dating anyone… I’d given up on relationships period!  We met over a music project and then became a couple, if anyone’s in shock about all this it’s me!

I’m sure this will be a topic I revisit and write about every now and again in my chit chatterings.   There is some interesting and useful stuff online about older-female/younger-male relationships…. if you’re in one yourself do share your story and say hi.


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