I’m trying not to be a dragon lady but it never rains, it pours. I’m just having a couple of weeks where I feel it’s all coming at me. Property’s been taken from me, items broken (though thankfully fixed) I’ve got a house in disarray due to major work affecting every room which is a major challenge when you work from home. While I’m so grateful the building upgrade I regularly can’t find what I need. I’ve had voice issues, conflicts, and been sorely let down (honestly no good deed goes unpunished). Then I didn’t fully deliver on a couple of work items resulting in a below par service on my part and that left me feel crappy. On top of this, and ongoing in the background I have a really severe vitamin D deficiency which makes me feel tired all the time and all the overwhelm just makes me want to throw my hands up on the air and hibernate for about 4 months. I’m sure everyone has felt this “to hell with it all” feeling and I’m so definitely there!!!

On the bright side it’s all temporary, the building work is another week and it’s caused me to have a clear out and another period of re-organising. I’m glad to have had diagnosis on my deficiency so the severe tiredness is not going to last for ever. My voice will recover, my business will get better, I’ve set some boundaries on my property with those concerned. I’m going to say no more often when people request my personal assistance, because no person can or should meet every request for help, especially when their own resources are in short supply! It’s ok to get down but not to stay down. Right now I just want to cocoon myself for a couple of days… ready to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.


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