Vintage glamour inspo: LA Confidential

After getting lost in the black hole of YouTube my end destination for the night where a few clips from the 1997 film LA Confidential…a film I’d forgotten that Russel Crowe was even in!  I am now utterly mesmerised by Kim Basinger’s character Lynn Bracken and by the scenes shot between her and Crowe.

Lynn Bracken is now my current inspiration for vintage glamour, and she’s a tough cookie to boot so my kind of woman! Instead of opting for my usual clip on ponytail on a near daily basis I’m going to spend some time mastering my wet sets to see if I can improve my own vintage style curls!  Like many people I fall back onto a couple of standard hair dos so it’s nice to be inspired to persevere with the old pin curls. I’m also feeling a satin dressing gown is in order!

Basinger won an academy Award for her Role…do google some pictures of her as Lynn Bracken, she looks truly stunning.


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